Tutors For Kids currently services the Florida counties Sumter, Lake and Marion.

Our tutors come from every walk of life. Some are educators, some are professionals, some are homemakers, some are electricians, etc. Some are retired. Some are still at work. All are volunteers.

All tutors share the same goal – to ensure that our future citizens are the best educated members of their communities. To achieve this end, each volunteer tutor makes a commitment for one school year to tutor students a minimum of once a week for a 90-minute period – many tutors do more than one 90-minute period.

During this time our tutors work with students that teachers identify as struggling in certain areas. Currently tutors work in Grades K through 5, two middle schools Grades 6 – 8 and one intermediate school Grades 4 – 6.

Primarily tutors provide help to students in reading, writing, arithmetic, and science. Often a tutor may identify that a child is having trouble in math because the student cannot read the problem. As a result this student will get tutoring in both reading and math.