Add/Edit Teachers & Requests

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From the Add/Edit Teachers & Requests page you can:

  • Update Teacher information including adding Notes and Diary entries about the Teacher
  • Enter Teacher Requests for period(s) that the Teacher would like Tutor assistance
  • Assign existing Tutor Availabilities to Teacher Requests (the Tutor Availability must have been previously created using My Tutors > Availabilities
  • Add a new Teacher if necessary.

Updating Teacher Details

Click on the “Details” link next to the Teacher Record your would like to edit.  You can edit Teacher address information, enter a general “Comment” about the Teacher or create individual “Diary Entry Notes” about various ongoing activities involving the Teacher

Creating Teacher Requests

Teacher Requests can be created for each day or the week for Early Morning, Late Morning or Afternoon time periods.  Unlike Tutor Availabilities, it is possible for a Teacher to have more than one Teacher Request for a given time period IF the Teacher has requested more than one Tutor for their room for that Day/Time Period.

To create a Teacher Request Record:

  • Click on the “Requests” link next to the Teachers Name
  • In the “Add/Edit or Assign Teacher Request” section, select  School Term (typically defaulted to the current Term)
  • Select a Day of the Week
  • Select a time period (Early Morning, Late Morning or Afternoon)
  • Enter a comment if desired
  • Click the ADD button (the entry will only be created if you click the ADD button.

Tutor Assignments

Once you have created one or more Teacher Requests, you can assign the to a Tutor.  To match a Teacher Request to Tutor Availability, Click the “Assign Tutor” link on the Teacher Request you wish to fulfill.

Adding a new Teacher

If you need to add a new Teacher for the school you are associated with, school to the bottom of the page, enter the basic information about the Teacher in the plan areas of the Teacher list at the bottom of the page and click the ADD button.


You can add additional Teachers if necessary by scrolling to the bottom of the Teacher List, entering details and clicking on the “ADD” button to the right of the listing.


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