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From the Teacher Requests List page you can:

  • View any Assigned teacher Requests (previous Teacher Requests that have been matched and assigned to a corresponding Tutor Availability
  • Add NEW Teacher Requests for any day of the week across three (3) time periods (Early Morning, Late Morning, Afternoon.)  NOTE:  unlike Tutor Availabilities it IS possible to have multiple Teacher Requests for the same Day/Time Period providing the Teacher has requested to have multiple Tutors at that Day/Time Period.  Please note this in Comments when you create the Teacher Request
  • Assign existing Tutor Availabilities to Teacher Requests using the “Assign Tutor” link.  The Tutor Availability must have been previously created using My Tutors > Availabilities.

Teacher Information

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.

Assigned Teacher Requests

Add/Edit or Assign Teacher Requests

To create a new Teacher Request, select the appropriate Day of Week, Time Period and School Term below, then click the ADD button.

After creating one or more Teacher Request(s) – to Assign a Teacher Request, click the Assign Tutor link for any unassigned Teacher Request below to search for unassigned Tutor Availabilities that match the School Term, Day of Week, Time Period and Grade of the Teacher Request.  NOTE:  The Assignment isn’t complete until you click on the “Assign Request” link for any matching Tutor Availability Search results on the next screen.

Click THIS LINK to return to the Teacher Requests Screen