Remote Control Support

If you need support for the TFK Database, one our our tech support volunteers may suggest a Remote Control session where we initiate a remote session to see and, if necessary and with your permission, temporarily control your computer over a secure connection using a support technology called “TeamViewer.”

Only click the link below if a TFK support person asks you to allow support access.  The link will automatically download a small temporary quick support module which only needs to be run from your computer but not installed.  The quick support module allows access for a single session only.  You must give permission to allow the quick support  program to run which if your computer asks you to grant permission.

Once you run the program, the quick support module will provide you with an temporary one-session ID and a Password.  Your support person will ask you to provide this ID and Password to them so they can access your computer:

Click THIS LINK to allow remote connection (only if requested by TFK Support)