TFK Database

Understanding the difference between the Tutors for Kids WEBSITE and the TFK Database

The TFK Database is the technology we use to manage our Tutor information such as:

  • Tutor Details
  • Tutor Application Tracking
  • Tutor Availabilities
  • Tutor Assignments
  • Teacher Information
  • Teacher Requests
  • Other information.

The TFK Database is built using a technology called “Caspio” and you may hear that term used as well.

There are three (3) different online technologies used by our School Tutor Coordinators (STCs) to support our Tutors: 1) Website; 2) WebMAIL; and 3) TFK Database.  Each technology has its own unique Username and Password..  This is necessary to protect the security of our system’s information.

1)  Tutors for Kids Website Public and Private

The Tutors For Kids Website has a “Public” version and a “Private” version reserved for Tutors For Kids STCs and Associates.  The Public version is available to anyone who goes to the website URL  You must be logged in to see website menus that are specific to our STCs and other Associates.

If you are reading this, you have already successfully logged into the Tutors For Kids website.  This website is built using a technology called “WordPress” and you might hear the terms “website” and “WordPress” used interchangeably.  You have a website “Username” and “Password” to log into the website.  Your website Username is in the form of “Firstname” “Lastname” i.e. “John Doe”.  You can also use your HOME email address to log into the website but we recommend your Username to avoid confusion with logging in to the TFK Database.

The Private Tutors For Kids website also provides information for our staff and associates as well as access to our TFK Database used for managing our Tutors and other information.

2)  Tutors for Kids webMAIL

In order to maintain privacy and security of our email correspondence, we have set up a separate Tutors For Kids webMAIL system for our STCs and other Associates to use for all your Tutors For Kids communications.  Your email address will be in the form of “” and will be assigned by one of our Administrators.  You will be given a separate password to log into the webMAIL system.  For more information on the webMAIL system you can review the “Email Info” in the “Email” Menu.

3)  TFK Database

Remember, the The TFK Database is a separate system we use to manage our Tutor information.  You must first be logged into the Tutors For Kids Website BEFORE you can access the TFK Database.  Once you have logged in to the Tutors For Kids website, you must then log in to the TFK Database before you can perform any TFK Database functions.  1) First login to the Tutors for Kids website; 2) Go to the “TFK Database” menu and select the “My Tutors” menu; 3) You will be prompted to enter your TFK Database password.

When you first access any of the TFK Database menus you will be prompted to login the the TFK Database.  Your login will consist of your assigned email address and a password specific to the TFK Database.   Once you have initially logged into the TFK Database, you can assess any of the other TFK Database menus.

Managing Passwords

 Resetting Your WEBSITE Password.

Your Tutors For Kids Website password would have initially been assigned to you by one of our website administrators although you can change it by selecting the “Edit My Profile” option from the “Howdy, Your Name” menu at the top right of the website screen.

If you forget your website password and cannot login, you can click the “Login” menu in the middle of the screen and then click the “Lost your password” link that you will see at the bottom of the login form.  Enter your Username “First Last” ie “John Doe” or your HOME email address and an email will be sent to your HOME email address with a link to click to reset your WEBSITE password.

Once you have successfully logged in with your website password, it is OK to allow your browser to save your website password.

Resetting Your TFK Database Password.

The first time you access the TFK Database you will need to create a password for the TFK Database.  Select “Reset TFK Database Password” from the “TFK Database” menu on the website.  Enter your assigned email address.  A link will be sent to your assigned email address.  Follow the link to create a new TFK Database password.  Follow the same process if you forget your TFK Database password.

Once you have successfully logged in with your TFK Database password, it is OK to allow your browser to save your TFK Database password.