Belleview-Santos Elementary

9600 South US Highway 441, Belleview, FL 34420


Students’ School Day: 7:45 – 2:05

(Distance from:  Wal-Mart on Route 466 = 13 miles AND Wal-Mart on Route 441 = 11 ½ miles)


  • Heading north on Route 27/441, pass Wal-Mart and the entrance to Stonecrest. Stay straight on Rte 27/44 for approximately 11 miles – go through the center of Belleview. Notice a shopping center on the right (Kmart is the anchor store) – stay on Rte 27/441
  • After this shopping center, you will go up a slight hill, then a slight dip, and then another slight hill
  • As you come down this second hill, be in the left lane. Approaching the traffic light, look left- Belleview Santos Elementary is the large, long gray building; at the traffic light, turn left and take an immediate left into the driveway
  • To park, stay on the driveway and circle around – following the directional arrows. The main office is where the driveway splits.


  • Heading north on Route 301, stay straight – pass over Route 42, go through the center of Summerfield, pass over Route 484 (traffic light),
  • Stay on Route 301 it merges with Route 27/441 in the center of Belleview (Winn-Dixie Supermarket is on theleft at the merge). Merge on to Route 27/441 (slightly left); stay straight through the center of Belleview
  • Follow directions above – noticing the shopping center on the right (Kmart is the anchor store)