Add/Edit Tutor Availabilities HTC

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Creating New Tutor Availabilities

Each Tutor can can be scheduled for up to two (2) availability periods per day ( Morning,  or Afternoon),  Technically Tutors could be scheduled for up to fifteen (10) availability periods in a week (2 periods a day, five days a week) although normally a Tutor only volunteers only a couple of days a week.

To create a Tutor Availability Record:

  • Select  School Term (typically defaulted to the current Term)
  • Select a Day of the Week
  • Select a time period (Morning,  or Afternoon)
  • Enter a comment if desired
  • Click the ADD button (the entry will only be created if you click the ADD button.

Tutor Assignments

Once a Tutor Availability has been matched to a Teacher Request, the Assignment Record will appear in the Tutor Assignment Section.  To create Teacher Requests and make Tutor Assignments, use the Teacher Requests menu.




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Tutor Assignments

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.

New and Unassigned Tutor Availabilities

Enter details and click the “ADD” button to create a new Tutor Availability Record.
REMEMBER:  you will need individual Tutor Availability Records for EACH individual Day/Time Period that a Tutor is available.

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